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NameAnimus – Stand Alone
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You can obtain the “Crystar – Mirai’s Clothes (0.5)” outfit for Rei for 5,000 Crystar Coins or pay 200 Crystar Coins.
The outfit is made by Shimada, the tailor of Rei in the Colosseum. The clothes can be equipped on Rei and the skin tone will change accordingly.

Soundtrack Crystar – Rei’s Effects:
“Crystar – Rei’s Effects (0.5)” was prepared by Eikala based on the latest skin tones of Rei. It is an optional music that can be listened to in the colosseum.

[Special] Legendary Rei:
In addition to the new outfit you can get a new mood for your character.

[Special] Record Label Designer Contest:
In collaboration with Digi Charme Record, a brand of Japanese animation and content,
you can obtain a character designer NPC that gives a special event and outfit.

This DLC is compatible with “Colosseum Kai”, it is a part of the game’s post-launch update.
To apply the items for Rei,
go to Crystar Coin Shop and click “Apply” button on the coin’s cell.
For more information about the items in the update,
please refer to the announcement column on the website of Perfect Way.

(Sales Price: 5,000 Crystar Coins = $2.00 USD)

[Original] Colosseum Kai:


· When you play Colosseum (1.1.0512) and there is a cheat item in your inventory,
it will disappear after clicking on your character.
· After donating 10 Crystar coins to the CSC event quest, you will be able to use it again.

· Added a rune star to your profile which is used to collect rune stars.
· Added a new outfit for Rei.
· Added a new NPC that is equivalent to “Candian (1000 Crystar Coins)” and “Rei’s Friends”.
· Added a brand new song.

[Special] Record Label Designer Contest

· Available materials and contest conditions are in the game’s website.
· Participation is limited.
· The dress will be added to the game when it has been decided that


Animus – Stand Alone Features Key:

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Gladiator Arena is an action slasher.
What can you do?
You will be in an arena fighting to the death.
From the gladiator to the commander-in-chief to the customs man, everyone wants to be the best at killing.
Live the life of a gladiator.
Fight to the death, join in the Arena of death, the upcoming Night of Evil.
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FIGHT to the death
Multiple people competing in the same arena
Many arenas to fight in, choose your own path in life!
Fight with different types of weapons
Choose your own playstyle by unlocking special moves and perks!
Fight in a number of different arenas
Each arena has its own set of special rules, such as the Coliseum, Free-for-all, Wait-and-see, or Honour-Kill.
Fight in a number of different arenas
Each arena has its own set of special rules, such as the Coliseum, Free-for-all, Wait-and-see, or Honour-Kill.
Coliseum fights
Fight to be the last Gladiator standing in a challenging contest!
Matchmaking, and optional PvP
Fights in the Arena will be fast paced and frantic, so you want to make sure you match up with a worthy opponent. However, matchmaking can be a tricky business, so you can always jump in and join an ongoing fight, all you need is a pair of tickets.
Fights can be a little boring if you get matched up with a couple of Novices, with a few practise rounds under their belts. But, the thrill of the kill is addictive!
It’s all about winning, do you want to be the ultimate killing machine, or just the ultimate gladiator?
– See All Reviews
The game is going to be a little arcadey at times, which can be frustrating at first.
But don’t worry, there is a design compromise that makes it possible for those hardcore arcade types to enjoy the game.
You are able to customize your gladiator in many ways. Each one has their own unique set of moves and perks, for example, the taurok can have 2 extra moves, and the haruspex can have 5 perks, when compared to a regular gladiator.
So if you want to customize your gladiator, you can.
Would you like more details?
This game is planned to be finished


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CharactersIn this adventure, a party of up to 6 adventurers (levels 3-4) can be up to 5th-level.

SpellsDark Deeds in Stoneholme is based on U03: A Murder in the Vault which provides a detailed list of spells used in the adventure.

CraftingThis product is designed for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons and uses the 5E Ruleset, Revised (1/1/2013) and Dungeon Master’s Guide, Players Handbook and Monster Manual.

Print Options: Premium glossy paper

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In an effort to create PDF products as fast as possible, PDFs are only provided for books with a 5E license or U03: A Murder in the Vault. If you would like a PDF license for this book, please contact us with the book’s ISBN.

Who is Flintblade and who does he work for?The Dark Days in Stoneholme Campaign Begins (link) is a 5th Edition compatible adventure. It is a gritty, action-packed campaign which follows the PCs on a mission to destroy the Clan Flintblade and their demon-worshiping followers. This adventure can be run as an open-ended campaign or as a series of encounters. If you choose to run the adventure as a series of encounters, then that is perfectly acceptable, but it is recommended that the number of encounters be kept to a minimum (6-10, depending on the DM and the party’s resources). The PCs are faced with threats and challenges along the way, and their survival and success is on a knife-edge at times. With the threat of demonic hordes and supernatural horrors at their sides, the heroes are on the edge of survival, and their only salvation lies in total annihilation of the evil


What’s new:

    helps us fill in the blanks and stave off negativity, fears and anxiety. The feeling of hesitation, “should I do this?” or “this might be difficult” are signs of doubt. I did not manifest any of these feelings about conducting a session. Positive and empowering, it propelled me to infinity.

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    I left July 1 feeling much the way I did after the summer holidays. I had a little time to spend, feeling guilty for having little time. I had a little time, quite a bit of money, a place to live and a job to do. The time to myself has gone.

    I ate shrimp and real butter. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I read Walter de la Mare. I wrote. I got my mind into gear and I was able to get something done. I read, I wrote, I enjoyed myself. I am not sure how much cleaning I got done at home. I got a little bit of organisation done, only because it was time well spent. I pretty much neglected the art of making and eating cheesecake. I rushed around getting everything done, whether it was necessary or not. I hope for the sake of my eyes I took care of myself, and that last morning of July I continued to spend time, my life’s gift, resting my eyes.

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    Life is Strange: Before the Storm is an award winning game full of character. Get into the mind and heart of Max Caulfield, a high school junior in a sleepy seaside town. As she and her friends learn more about their strange abilities, they must decide how to use their powers to save those around them and unlock the shocking truth of their home town’s sinister history.
    Key Features:
    Exciting new adventures, choices and challenges – A gripping story that will have you questioning the very nature of time and reality.
    A cast of memorable characters – A compelling and compelling story is helped along by a brilliant cast of characters.
    Chill, witty writing – A smart, engaging story about some odd kids with supernatural abilities.
    Key Game Features:
    Enhanced, Remastered Graphics – Experience the Life is Strange Before the Storm story with unique and improved visuals and an enhanced audio experience.
    Additional Scenes – Explore additional scenes not available in the original game.
    Mastered in HD – Experience new scenes in beautiful high definition.
    Additional Music – Experience new tracks and themes in high quality audio.
    Additional Dialogue – Deleted dialogue has been replaced with re-recorded audio.
    Additional Sticker Pack – Live in Arcadia Bay’s beautiful setting in these new, sticker-filled locations.
    Additional Voice Acting – 50 new voice clips for Max, Sean and Chloe.
    Additional Artwork – More character art, including environments and stylish fashion accessories.
    Additional Game Ending – A bonus, unique ending added to the original game.
    Additional Secrets – New players will be surprised by new, hidden secrets in the game.
    Additional Exclusive Zombie Outfit – An exclusive, limited-time addition to the game.
    Tune in to for new details.
    About the Life is Strange Community:
    Seasons change, the stories in the Life is Strange Community are about to change too. Sign up for a chance to play the game and be the first to uncover the secrets of Arcadia Bay…follow the group on Twitter here:
    Media Contacts:
    David Finke
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm
    CAGames, LLC
    [imagebrowser id=54]

    Product Release Notes:
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm is an award winning game full of character. Get into


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System Requirements For Animus – Stand Alone:

AMD® or Intel® compatible CPU
NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 700 series GPU
2GB of RAM
HDD space of 2GB
If you have NVIDIA GPU with support of SLI mode. Please use 2 NVIDIA GPU with the same generation or higher. Please Note: The GPU driver version must be 260.26 or higher.
System requirements are approximate and may vary depending on game content, volume of use, and other factors.
(C) 2015 Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
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Additional Information

NameAnimus – Stand Alone
Rating4.67 / 5 ( 2742 votes )
Update(13 days ago)


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