Amma Bhagwan Mp3 Song Free Download [UPD]



Amma Bhagwan Mp3 Song Free Download

the song’s main message is that people who know amma’s message and who chant the song regularly will experience a transformation in their life. this is because they have listened to amma’s message for a long time and have absorbed the message and have become accustomed to it. when you have experienced amma’s presence in your life for a long time, you will easily be able to recognize her presence. at this stage, you will have no doubt that you have heard amma’s message. this experience of recognizing amma’s presence will be of great benefit to you.

if you are not familiar with amma’s message or do not want to attend an ashram and need a more reliable way to experience amma’s presence, you can also chant the song in your room or at any time. you can chant it throughout the day to experience amma’s presence. you will feel the presence of amma in your heart, which is the most reliable way to recognize amma’s presence. you can also chant the song in the presence of amma’s photo or amma’s painting if you have one.

when you chant the song you will begin to experience the transformation in your life. for example, you will begin to experience amma’s forgiveness more and more frequently. as you chant the song, you will feel amma’s presence within you. if you experience amma’s presence in your life, you will begin to gain the ability to forgive others and to have selfless love for yourself. in addition, you will feel that you are protected and provided for. you will begin to understand amma’s feelings of love for you. as a result of this, you will be able to express love for others. amma’s teachings will become clearer and you will recognize them more readily.

the year amma was awarded with padma bhushan, several eminent scholars pointed out that amma’s character is the epitome of chitta-vrtti-nirodha: the complete absorption of the mind into the one-pointed awareness of the absolute. amma herself is the epitome of this state. she has renounced all affectations, and exhibits a complete state of non-attachment to anything.
amma’s own example, the seva of swami vivekananda, and the pujas of mahatma gandhi, can be called the best examples of this state. they are full of non-attachment, of selfless service, of love and service to others, of non-aversion to the opposite sex, of kindness to all and of forgiveness. as an example, amma, in her song ‘bhakti yoga’, sings: let all the world rejoice, let all the world sing, all the world’s troubles and worries vanish, just make love to your spouse.
the whole of amma’s life is a living example of how to live. just as a shining lamp puts out a ray of light, so amma’s seva of love creates the aura of dharma around her. as someone once said, who needs to be well-known when one is thus loved!
that amma’s seva and love has been so successful is due to her complete state of selflessness. it is a great mystery how, in a state that is said to be the state of pure consciousness, pure knowledge and pure action, amma in her love and seva for others, constantly radiates pure consciousness and knowledge to those around her. the reason for such love, knowledge and service is that amma is an avatar of akhanda brahma, the formless and absolute god. brahma is not affected by the changing nature of time and space, and is not limited by the laws of karma.

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