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– Lots of XP/Level-up system for characters. Each Character level up will gives 20% experience to all characters. You can learn skills and increase level with the basic equipment, items and upgrades.
– Several weapons and items for progression. Each weapon and item has it’s own skills, power and uses
– Many exotic and exotic locations on your quest to the top of the leaderboard. All locations, enemies and bosses will have different characteristics and difficulties.
– Boss rush mode available in time trial mode with each boss difficulty / higher level makes your battle with the boss more difficult.
– Unlock new characters, weapons and items as you advance through the story and finish the game.
Story & Objectives:
– 3 different characters available at start. Higher character levels give higher skills and weapon progression.
– Collect holy artifacts and relics, powerful relics and relics that allows you to shoot 2x bullets at a time
– Select your first mission upon arrival. Each mission give different amount of experience and different amount of reward. Some missions need to complete certain objectives to move on to the next.
– Defeat boss at a given level to gain more experience and gain access to next boss.
*Level up so you can run further through solar system
– Complete mission to earn experience.
– Battle arena mode
– Single player campaign and campaign mode with many different story episodes with different characters.
About What’s Next:
Since the game is in early development, it’s on the way to early access and premium features development. To access premium feature you need to be invited by the developer.
Gameplay Video:
About The Developer:
Void Raiders is being developed by Aiceber Design, a small indie team of gamers with backgrounds in architecture, art & game design. We hope you’ll like Void Raiders as much as we did developing it! If you like the idea and have any questions, feel free to contact me at:

published:23 Jun 2015


Before I explain, make sure you know what asset to use to create the shot, make a drill down and see what your settings should be. It’s vital that you know what that drill-down is, so that you can switch it on and follow the settings when you’re taking the video.

This is the first episode in the 3 part series. In


Additional Episode: White Out Features Key:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Dynamic music
  • Tactical gameplay
  • Three game difficulty levels
  • Adrenaline-fuelled action on a colossal scale!
  • Close enemy support with your panzerfaust
  • Duck out of enemy artillery shells and grenades
  • Clear enemy supplies with precise sniping
  • Protect and lead your team through resupply drops
  • All enemy patrols and mercenaries are hard to kill
  • Kill the enemy via well-aimed RPG shots or mortars
    • 5 additional singleplayer missions
    • Stunningly crafted VR missions
    • Casual gameplay with one to four players
    • Unshakeable Storyline: Bite the bullet together!
    • Online multiplayer via Steam
    • 6 multiplayer maps
    • 10 custom weapons
    • 28 player armor types
    • Optional gameplay modifications
    • 3 equippable vehicles
    • 2 custom vehicles
    • 8 equippable grenades
    • 6 customized operations
    • 9 custom payloads
    • 9 hacks and cheats
    • Extensive node editor
    • Downloadable camouflage textures
    • Alternative music volume
    • Adrenaline-fuelled action on a colossal scale!
    • Tactical gameplay
    • Three game difficulty levels
    • Adrenaline-fuelled action on a colossal scale!
    • Tactical gameplay
    • Three game difficulty levels
    • Adrenaline-fuelled action on a colossal scale!
    • Tactical gameplay
    • Duck out of enemy artillery shells and grenades


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    Surface: Origins is a thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Join Jim, Kevin, and Maggie to unravel the puzzle of what happened to Jim and Kevin and Maggie.
    Become an experienced detective and solve the clues to stop the madman before he can perform his devious scheme. Will you be able to save Jim and Kevin from the sinister man?
    Experience an exciting story full of mystery and adventure on your mobile device! The Collector’s Edition includes:

    Get a sneak peek of the game’s trailer and special features
    Collector’s Edition Wallpapers
    Collector’s Edition Concept Art
    Preview of the Strategy Guide

    You know the games that you can do in an afternoon that are really fun? Humble Bundle made a list of them recently, and I’d love to share it with you. It’s a collection of some of my own favorite mobile games:

    Notes: By default, the game is free, but you need to make a donation of at least $0.99 to unlock the next download. It’s $1.00 if you make the first donation, or $0.50 if you’ve been through the game before. If you don’t want to support the developers, you can pay only the minimum donation and get a refund.

    Perch is the world’s first puzzler where you play chess on the sky. Any small movement of your Perch – a fishing tower – leads to the introduction of hundreds of unique chess pieces. From simple pawns, to grandmasters, every chess piece has its own attributes. You’ll be able to play over 8,000 non-traditional chess puzzles during your journey.

    Make your way through multiple challenges and enchanting worlds. You can challenge 3 different levels of difficulty, change the difficulty by touching a certain area, and check your high scores in online leaderboards.

    During the game you can create your own board and name it. You can share your board with your friends and challenge each other via email.

    You’ll need to master the challenging world of chess. The game has an easy and informative tutorial and an intuitive touch control.

    Play any sized chess board – 90×90, 180×180, and 500×500.
    Move the chess pieces by touching the screen with your finger, this is done automatically, you don’t have to hold your finger on the chess board.
    Tons of unique chess pieces – with unique attributes.


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    This exciting online game will require a steady hand in order to complete. Points can be earned by playing and completing objectives throughout the game. Have fun while you play and take home some of the rewarding rewards! Zombie Gunship is an exciting online shooting game. Discover your adventure.

    You are in control of the tank, going to bomb the zombies. Blast them with your free bullet and lead the team to victory. Destroy the disgusting creatures with your free bomb in the tank while you protect your teammates and stay alive. This is the story of your team.

    Some Zombie games allow you to take a nice vacation in a zombie wasteland where your team becomes stronger through amazing weapon upgrades and increasing the size of your team. You are like a boxer, boxer- man of the undead. The other zombies are like zombies- unfriendly enemies that will stop you when you attack them. Kill them or be killed.

    Prepare to take over the world as an elite zombie fighting mercenary, complete with a gun, truck, tank, helicopter and even a bazooka. Blast zombies and earn medals. Destroy enemies and take your loot home. Become the best zombien in the world! Smash!V zombies are coming from all over. Its now your job to destroy them in order to protect your home. V undead. Confront the enemy. Take on single missions or just play against the AI to create an army of zombie killers. Improve your army as you upgrade weapons and vehicles. Try to overcome all obstacles and emerge victorious! Features: ➤ 7 different types of zombies. ➤ 4 game modes: the safe way – just play vs the AI, 4 player modes, team mode, single player campaign mode. ➤ Fully customizable controls: your finger can shoot zombies. Use combinations of tank, truck, helicopter, gun, melee weapons, bazooka or rockets.

    Android(all)Action Explore. Combat.Download for Free!

    A wonderful looking and quirky zombie shooter. No tutorial but the game mechanics and controls are very simple and easy to get to grips with. My only criticism is that the game can seem a bit short and simple, but this is not its fault as it is more about fun and addictive gaming than a true world class zombie shooting game.

    BADDOow Who loves guns? In


    What’s new:

      Game: all you need to know

      VR game is a complete change of the gameplay in virtual reality. Most of the time we try to hide game features that doesn’t come into our sight – we watch movies,’til now we are watching computer games. VR games require player’s help by spectators into the world of game. It can be viewed in our first person or third person (viewer) perspective. The first person perspective is the most common one and it’s triggered by both real world eyes.

      It can be triggered by a separated gearbox or formed one (see the Glass it simplest and most mass-produced device for gamers). Thanks to virtual reality, VR games are the best training for astronauts. If you think that a 3D-videogame doesn’t suit you, please try one of the most popular games:

      At this point we can say that virtual reality has become a part of our life more than we could think. It doesn’t fall into one category – it can be played on mobile devices, consoles, televisions etc. But the most significant service is virtual reality glasses.

      Who already knows about VR glasses and has a headset? Maybe gamers in china who built steampunk Glasses for the game Castle Demolition. If you never heard about the Castle game, don’t get worried – you would be very lucky to be among those, who played on this game.

      VR gaming is the best way to train the eyes and head. If you are someone that enjoys to play videogames and doesn’t like complicated mechanics – to be sure you should play VR games. It’s the best solution to work on eye movement, focusing and tracking and other problems you always have with your eyes. Currently, there are about 20+ VR games for many platforms.


      To be fully aware of the terms, we should start with background information. Castle Demolition is an open-world, action shooter, presented in first person (third person gameplay from behind). In one word it is game with randomly generated missions. A game session is longer than 1.5 hours and players have to save the profile just in case there will be a death. The graphics and performance of the game system is insane – the specs of two head-cams is impossible to find but this game is playable with one of them.

      Such a game has its pros and cons. It’s


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      «Metal Assault is a fast paced, non-stop action shooter game set in a futuristic, hardcore setting. While you’re in VR, it feels like a pure arcade style game.
      Metal Assault (MAY) is a sensational VR/HTC Vive/Vive Pro game.
      Full Steam Game on Steam for HTC/Vive and VIVE Pro on Steam.
      We’ve just released the new VR-Header for the new VIVE Pro.
      Packed with Skill-shots, Creative-Skills, Online-Matchups and much more.
      Watch this space for more Info and Updates, we’ll have the Specials and Exclusive like no other.
      Make sure to follow us on Social Media to get all the latest News and Updates of Metal Assault!!
      Twitter: @MetalAssault
      Instagram: @Mundi_Quake
      January 2018: The First Episode Release
      February 2018: The Quality of Graphics Update
      March 2018: Beta Release
      April 2018: Beta Release
      May 2018: Early Access Game In The Steam Store
      September 2018: Main Game Release
      The 3D-Animation is made by our team of 3D-Artist and Artists.
      The 2D-Graphics is made by our team of 2D-Artist, Music Composer, Game Designers and Programmers.

      The HTC Vive is a commercially available virtual reality system that has achieved significant success, selling over 200,000 units globally. It launched with its own operating system, SteamVR. The system is bundled with a pair of wireless motion controllers.[2]

      VR games aim to immerse the user in virtual reality by putting the user inside the game. Early games such as arcade-style shooters required movements similar to those of an actual shooter (shooters) to determine movement or to indicate the actions of the player. Video games of later years such as Doom and Doom 3: BFG Edition were more realistic. The user can interact with their environment in virtual reality using game controllers. Virtual reality games also try to simulate the experience of motion


      How To Install and Crack Additional Episode: White Out:

    • Open the folder in which you installed the game.
    • Find the crack file you downloaded or created above.
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    • Wait for the activation process.

    After activation, run and enjoy the game!

    EQT IV

    EQT IV is a gas field in Northeast Greenland operated by Tullow Oil. It is the fourth of the four oil and gas fields operated by Tullow in Greenland, and discovered in 2009. The oil field is identified as Block 7.1, and covers a area. It contains of estimated recoverable oil, comparable to the much larger known North Pole Brent, a major producer of light oil.

    The fields are located in the NE part of the Hansgrøn area. By 2013–2014 the industry has moved to the NW of the area, away from the productive west shore areas, where the mean annual ice thickness is 40 metres, as thick as the Olduvai Gorge in Africa, and more than twice the depth the field is being drilled.

    As of 2015, EQT planned to drill a further 9 wells on the «West/Southwest Area» to test for oil (9 MOX wells, pumping water and natural gas to a GC-MS analysis pool) and 2 demonstration wells in a central area. The measure is part of the development plan of the new gas basins in northeast Greenland that is supported by the Ministry of Energy, Shell, Repsol, ExxonMobil and the U.S. Department of the Interior. According to the research results of E&G Technagas, the amount of gas reservoirs from north to southwest to the east shore of Nanasittartup by 2020 will increase dramatically.

    See also

    EQT I
    EQT II
    List of natural gas fields


    Category:Oil fields in GreenlandClimate of Bolivia

    Bolivia is located in the middle of the subtropical zone, between the southern temperate zone and the tropical rainforest. The climate of Bolivia is characterized by the tropical monsoon climate. The country is situated in the Intertropical Convergence Zone and the rainy season begins in July, with decreasing temperatures in the mountains and increasing temperatures in the coast. The rainfall distribution is bimodal, with


    System Requirements:

    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit)
    20 GB free space
    2 GB RAM
    4GB available space
    1024 x 768 resolution
    High Resolution
    Amazing graphics
    Brand New Free Features
    Many people like to play in rooms where the devices are much more expensive, including high-resolution TVs. As you play at Ultra HD, you will get closer to nature’s natural beauty.
    Open the door to high-resolution videos and photos with NVIDIA Sur


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